Lindy Hop 

Lindy Hop ist the heart of the Swing dance family. The dance is based on the syncopated triple step, which matches the Swing music rhythm of the 30´s.Classes focus on mastering the triple step, which allows free and loose movement on the dance floor through a brough range of steps.The advanced classes introduce classic moves such as the Swing Out, the Sugar Push and many more.

Lindy HOp is a partner dance that developed in Harlem during the late 1920´s. It is danced to `Hot Jazz´ and hopping Swing music. Lindy Hop is a joyful and energetic dance that embraces improvisation, creativity and communication between dancers. According to legend, the name originates from Charles Lindbergh´s transatlantic flight ind 1927-`Lindy Hops the Atlantic´.


Mittwoch 20.15 bis 21.30 Uhr 18.07.-29.08. open level   11,- pro Person Osvaldo
Solo Jazz 

Drawing from and building on the same origins as Charleston and the Charleston dance itself, the term Jazz Steps (/Vernacular Jazz/Jazz Roots /30’s-40’s Solo Charleston/Authentic Jazz) covers all the steps unique to the 1930’s and 1940’s jazz-era repertoire, like the fall-off-the-log, Suzie-Q, low downs, apple-jacks, boogie-drop, Shorty George, trucking and camel walk. This dance is danced solo, and improvised with basic step variations and musical self-expression to 1930’s and 1940’s style jazz & swing music. 

Working on solo dancing improves Body awareness , the quality of movement in partner dancing and is highly recommended for all Swing dancers.


Mittwoch 19.00 bis 20.00 Uhr 18.07.-29.08. open level   10,- pro Person Osvaldo